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“Commit your works to the Lord and your thoughts will be established.” — Proverbs 16:3

A while back, I had a dream from the Lord. It was, in some ways, the first of many that would follow, but it was strong nevertheless. In this dream, God called me to commit my works to Him.

Before I go any further, I want to share this dream with you. It goes as follows:

“I walked into a room with a huge stone seat. Jesus was standing there and motioned me to the seat. It was smooth to the touch and warm. I took my seat and felt immediately comfortable.

Then Jesus motioned for me to look at a giant furnace. At one end, a large slag of rock and metal was going into it. It was at least two or three feet in diameter.

A small, thin, extremely bright material came out the other end. Like a then cord of silver rope. It was coiling on the floor but so small compared to the material going into the furnace.”

I turned to Jesus, and I woke up before I could ask what that was. In the early morning hours that followed that dream, I spent time in prayer. During this time, I asked God what it meant, and after some time, I felt Jesus explain it to me.

“The material going into the furnace is your life. The furnace is my work on the cross, purifying your life. Right now, the material coming out the other end is what is being done for my Kingdom.

I have given you so much, but you have not done much with the material I have given you. What would your life be like if you were creating more of the silver rope?”

At that, I knew something was going on in my life. For the weeks before this, I asked God what the next steps would be in my writing, career, and life. And this was his answer.

Since then, I have started creating more silver rope with my life. And Transformed Faith has been part of that journey.

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The Three Pillars of Transformed Faith

Over time, this movement and publication have adapted. Mostly because I wasn’t sure exactly what God wanted to do with it. Yet, I have started getting a clearer picture in the last year or so.

When I think of Transformed Faith, there are three pillars to what you can expect from the content and what I pray you will experience. They are:

  1. A deeper relationship with God

  2. Experiencing Jesus

  3. Walking in the power of the Holy Spirit

These pillars help us to engage all three persons of God; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. And in turn, I believe that is to help us engage the three parts of ourselves; our spirit, soul (intelligence/emotions), and body.

A deeper relationship with God

When we believe that Jesus died on the cross and rose to life, we enter into a relationship with God. He is the way, the truth, and the life (John). As such, we have a direct connection to God the Father.

Because of this, we are children of God, and therefore he is our father. Because of this, we can now experience his love. And it is that love that we need more of in our lives.

We deepen our relationship with God by knowing him better (through prayer and reading the Bible) and by Him coming to us. So, I hope to help create more space to know God more deeply.

Experiencing Jesus

I propose that many people believe in Jesus but don’t experience Him. This was true of me throughout my early walk with God.

Yet, Jesus is with us every step of the way. In good times and in the bad times. The terrible times. Where there are deep seeded hurts and pains. But we don’t know that he is there most of the time.

When we strive to experience Jesus, we can find him stepping into our deepest hurts. And in those moments, he can free us from the turmoil and trauma that keeps us from the fullness of life.

Walking in the Power of the Holy Spirit

First, the Holy Spirit is a person. As such, we are connected to the Holy Spirit. He lives in us and rests on us. This is true of every believer. Now, it is in this connection to the Holy Spirit that something special happens.

The Holy Spirit imparts the power of God to us. This can look different for everyone, but there are gifts and fruits of the spirit. These are all connected to the Holy Spirit.

As such, I hope to help you walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. You might begin to have visions and dreams, or your prayers bring healing to others, or you might even see God do amazing things. I pray this for you.

What to Expect from Transformed Faith

Transformed Faith is a multi-platform venture. We are here on Medium, as well as Substack. We have social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We hope to connect the church and see God move with these platforms.


You can expect to see many devotional-style posts on this platform. We will walk through different books of the Bible and hit on something that might occasionally pop up.


We will focus on topics or a series of issues on that platform. Things like prayer, studying the Bible, and church. This will help diversify how you think about your faith and what you are reading. You can sign up here and get a free 31-Day Devotional!


These will be Bible verses, prayer prompts, motivational inspirational quotes, and links to our content. If we build a community over these other platforms, social media sites would be in a better place.

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